Heavy Duty Turf Grader

The largest machine in the Turf Grader range, the Heavy Duty Turf Grader is suited to large scale projects in both area and material volume.

By utilising an increase in tractor horsepower the Turf GraderHD range maintains accuracy and finish quality whilst moving more material faster than it's smaller counterparts, the Turf Grader and TopDresser.


  • Industrial Site Development

  • Sport Field Construction and Maintenance

  • Car Parks

  • Subdivisions

  • Large Concrete Pours

  • Horticulture


Solid Bucket Construction

Integrated Tie-down and Lifting Points

Mast and Mounting Bracket

Off-the-shelf Cutting Edge


Machine Control Package

Hydraulic Control Valve

Zero-Tread Tires

Tilt Module

Segmented Roller

Scarifier Bar

Adjustable Length Draw-bar

Hydraulic Power Pack

Powder-Coating Upgrade