About Lawless Lasers

Early in the 1980 saw the application of laser technology into agriculture using lasers to control the elevation of leveling blades to create an even slope to facilitate uniform drainage of the field revolutionized flood irrigation.

The need was then created to develop and manufacture a range of Laser Graders to suit various applications.

We established Lawless Lasers in 1982 manufacturing a range of land leveling graders to accommodate the needs of irrigation farmers of Northern Victoria, and in time, our machines have been ordered from as far as North Queensland, some 3000 km away.

We progressively adapted this technology to the construction and sports turf industries and undertook to build prototype machines of a smaller scale to suit restricted access areas providing accurate and smooth finishes for optimum drainage and turf establishment.

Prior to the Olympic Games in 2000 we were contacted by HG Turf and the Motz Group to build a leveler. Combining our ideas and experience we came up with current Turf Grader design. This was used to assist in the construction of the soccer fields in Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra and the Melbourne Cricket Ground to Olympic standards

We have also designed, developed and manufactured other machines for the turf industry The recent Eden Park N.Z project included the use of a Turf Grader to acheive the high standards set by the contractors.

Being a small business we utilised many subcontractors for processes parts, such as laser cutting, powder coating, cutting and folding steel and machining parts. These companies provide the quality and delivery within a 30-Km radius of our factory.